Financial Universe

Financial Universe, VFG’s ten-week introductory course, explores a variety of topics in finance at a level accessible to students with no previous background.
Led by students from HBS, the course allows those who are new to finance to gain a high level understanding of the field.
Students in this course will have the opportunity to compete in a stock trading challenge at the end of the semester.

For the fall 2017 semester, Financial Universe meets on Tuesdays at Harvard Hall 102, 6-7 pm.

Course Topics

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis is VFG’s ten-week advanced track and official comp process.
Led by HBS students, this course delves into valuation techniques to give its students concrete analytical skills used throughout the financial industry.
The track will culminate in a stock pitch competition in which teams of students will develop and present investment theses.

For the fall 2017 semester, Financial Analysis meets on Tuesdays at Harvard Hall 103, 7-8 pm.

Course Topics

Our Instructors

Our program instructors are distinguished professionals with backgrounds in various areas of finance.
From previous Goldman Sachs analysts to current HBS students,
our instructors offer both extensive knowledge of finance and valuable insight into how to succeeed in the field.